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We Have Changed Our Plans
Due to the increased earning rewards on our mining farm and trading platforms, we have decided to increase the profits of our plans to facilitate the wide spread of our company to the entire part of the world. Below is our New plans

»»»»»»»» 5% ««««««««
After 1 Day + Capital
Min invest $25.00
Max invest $100,000.00

»»»»»»»» 12% ««««««««
After 2 Days + Capital
Min invest $750.00
Max invest $100,000.00

»»»»»»»» 25% ««««««««
After 4 Days + Capital
Min invest $1500.00
Max invest $100,000.00

»»»»»»»» 60% ««««««««
After 8 Days + Capital
Min invest $3000.00
Max invest $100,000.00

»»»»»»»» 150% ««««««««
After 16 Days + Capital
Min invest $7500.00
Max invest $100,000.00

»»»»»»»» 7% ««««««««
Daily For 10 Days + Capital
Min invest $25.00
Max invest $100,000.00

»»»»»»»» 25% ««««««««
Daily For 15 Days + Capital
Min invest $1000.00
Max invest $100,000.00

»»»»»»»» 35% ««««««««
Daily For 30 Days + Capital
Min invest $10,000.00
Max invest $100,000.00
Dec-9-2020 09:39:48 PM
Our Plans Are Concise And More Clearer
It has come to our notice that our investment plan is bring lots of confusion to investors, so we resolved in our last meeting with Shuaa Capital Limited Executives to make the plans concise and more clearer by removing the capital deposit from the percentage displayed and show only the profits.

If you need help, our support team are always available via live chat to provide support and assistance.
Dec-29-2019 03:11:43 AM
Email Look Changed Today
I want to inform all our members that to being 12th, we have changed the email look of all our emails. All our emails are now in html format. This has made the email appearance to look beautiful than the previous only text formart.

We do not not want the update to appear as a surprise to you, that is why we published it on our news page.
Nov-12-2019 09:32:50 AM
We Have Officially Lunched And Open To Accept Investments
We want to use this opportunity to welcome all our members to Shuaa Capital Limited where you can invest and have peace of mind because your capital is insured.

We Have Officially Lunched today being 7th and open to accept investments from companies and individuals all around the world.
Nov-7-2019 10:12:23 AM